Sgathaich: The Slime Diaries: Where is Santa Claus?

I reviewed this series already, that combined with the fact this is a regular episode set during Christmas rather than an extra-long special makes it different that the previous 2 reviews… also this is animated those were live action, this is from Japan… this is subbed rather than… you get the idea there’s a bunch of differences.

The 11th and thus penultimate episode of the series (finally uses New Year which I think is also a big cultural thing in Japan) has Rimuru introduce Christmas to his new nation. Given he’s been making the nation from scraps and multiple different groups just coming together, it makes sense he’s been making their new cultural calendar too. He even does say it was celebrating someone specials birthday but that non-believers often celebrate the holiday too.  (I see that as more the Japanese view point of things, rather than having to explain a lot of information as to what actually started the holiday). They all get on board when they hear about the big parting and gifts.

And so, you get a sweet episode as the city of monsters covered in snow prepares for Christmas.

Outside of the Christmas setting the episode plays out much like any of Slime Diaries… which is a good thing as I love this show. Also, worth noting they had done holiday episodes before it’s just this is the one, we in the West can relate to as we also celebrate it.

We get such adorable moments like the little child goblins and orcs singing their Christmas tunes while Gabiru now dressed in Santa garb argues with a coworker on musical tastes. Rimuru trying to tell Milim that Santa might not bring gifts to a demon lord, only to be overwhelmed by her look of pure innocence.

The central moment of the episode is the big street Christmas party, Milim and Rimuru being presented holiday foods while recurring character Eren performs a musical song accompanied by the adorable children, all the while we get a sweet moment between the unnamed goblin girl and Geld (every scene with them is precious).

While much like the series as a whole you would probably have little to no idea who’s who or why this character does this, it’s easy this time to just relax and enjoy how sweet the episode is.

Annoyed English seems to be the only European language this series has not been dubbed into yet.

Rating: spear spear spear spear spear 

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