From ‘The Warlock Of Love’ to The Hall of Clestrain…….

By Bernie Bell

I was watching the ‘Antiques Roadshow’, and someone had brought along a signed copy of ‘The Warlock of Love’ by Marc Bolan – and the expert gave it a high evaluation, which piqued my interest.

I have a first edition copy – not signed – but in good condition –  tho’ a bit tatty at the end of the spine where my dog chewed it!

Much as I still dance myself silly to T Rex, I’m not all that interested in keeping the book – it sits on the shelf year after year and I never look at it. We thought we’d sell it, and donate the proceeds to the Hall of Clestrain renovation fund.

So, I Googled to find out what it might be worth – and was surprised!

By the by…..there’s always a story …..In about 1973/74,  T Rex played a gig in St. George’s Hall, Bradford, and after the gig the band and their entourage went to the Penny Farthing nightclub nearby.   My sister worked there, and asked them to sign a poster for me.  I was more into the music than the merchandising, so I gave the poster to a girl in school who was into the badges, posters etc. – even had her hair permed like Marc Bolan.

I wonder what that poster would be worth now?  If she still has it, or if it got thrown out with other passing fancies from her younger days.  That’s why such things are valued now – they were ephemera at the time, and folk didn’t keep them.

And my Great-niece thinks it’s amazing that her Granny met T Rex!

Back to the book……….Mike looked up how to sell things on eBay – something we had never done before.  We found that we would have to set up an eBay account, including setting up a PayPal account, which is something we are reluctant to do.

So, I asked if any of the good folk at the JRS Society who have an eBay account would be willing to sell the book, and donate the proceeds to the Clestrain renovation fund, for us?  Enter Mark Newton – very helpful and ‘knows the ropes’ when it comes to selling on eBay, and what’s more, selling for charity – used stamps for the RNLI.

This made me think it might be worth telling the tale, not only to publicise the items which we are selling, but also possibly encourage folk to sell unwanted items and donate the proceeds to the JRS Society. 

You might be thinking   “Items?  She only mentioned one book”.  Well, as with Gandalf and Beorn in ‘The Hobbit’, I’m leading up to there being more than one……

We also have a rather scruffy copy of ‘Mr Bliss’ – one of the less well-known books by JRR Tolkien.

Some decades ago, I remember that just about everything that JRR had ever written was re-published.  I had them all – still have some – I think I must have lent the others to folk and not got them back – so it goes. But I don’t remember this book. Neither Mike nor I had ever heard of it until Mike saw it in a charity shop.

We were interested to see it, as it is a sweet thing – a real children’s book by the man himself – I’m never too sure about ‘The Hobbit’ being meant to be entirely for children – well, it isn’t – is it?

Our copy is not in good condition – has Sellotape along the spine, and as it was a child’s book – a child has written in it – a bit.

It also sits on our bookshelf year after year, doing nothing – but for those who like to own anything by JRR it could be a bit of a ‘find’….

So that’s for sale too…..

Here are the details of how to acquire either, or both, of these unusual little gems ……..

‘The Warlock of Love’  is listed here…..

And Mr Bliss…………

And you’ll be helping the Hall of Clestrain too!

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  1. Yay! ‘Warlock of Love’ has sold – all grist to the Clestrain mill…..

    All other contributions gratefully received…..

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