Union Holds Job Summit About HIAL Remote Towers

The trade union Prospect which represents air traffic controllers working at HIAL has invited politicians in the Highlands and Islands to a Jobs Summit today, Thursday 5th August, to discuss the impact of HIAL’s planned relocation of high value air traffic control jobs to Inverness.

Air traffic staff working for HIAL took part in a one day strike last week as part of ongoing industrial action aimed at hanging HIAL’s mind on the controversial remote towers project, which has been condemned by politicians and was heavily criticised by an independent Islands Impact Assessment.

Prospect Deputy General Secretary Garry Graham said:

“Prospect’s industrial action against HIAL over the misguided remote towers plan is about protecting good quality, skilled jobs in the Highlands and Islands and upholding the integrity of the Islands Act.

“The Summit brings together politicians to discuss how those opposed to this plan can work together to make sure that organisations like HIAL cannot ride roughshod over the wishes of workers and local communities which badly need these jobs.

“We know that local MPs, MSPs, and councillors are deeply concerned about the consequences of the remote towers project and we look forward to a good discussion.”

The Highlands and Islands Jobs Summit will take place remotely on 5th August at 2pm.

All Highlands and Islands MPs and MSPs are invited along with local council leaders.

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Control tower and apron, Benbecula Airport by David Martin

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