‘I Want To Marry A Lighthouse Keeper…..’

By Bernie Bell

I saw an article in The Orkney News telling of the lighthouse sculptures which form a ‘trail’ through  Scotland, and which will eventually be auctioned in aid of Clan   https://theorkneynews.scot/2021/08/07/light-the-north/.

We were heading for a walk at the Point of Ayre, Tankerness and thought we’d stop by at the pier in Kirkwall and have a look at the lighthouse sculpture by Steve Johnson.  I walked round the lighthouse taking photos – some full length, some close up….

Looking around us, we could see the ‘real’ lighthouse at the end of the pier…

The Kirkwall lifeboat, which also saves lives at sea…

And an unusual ‘collection box’ for the Shipwrecked Mariner’s Society……

There is much of interest in just that little section of the pier – including what could be seen as a different kind of sculpture?  I likes it!

There’s a signpost pointing the way to St. Magnus Cathedral, with the symbol for the St. Magnus Way which is a journey not only across the land, but also to explore your inner landscape. https://www.stmagnusway.com/

Then back in the car, and on to the second Orkney Clan lighthouse by Beccy Mooney, which is by the entrance to Sheila Fleet’s gallery and café in Tankerness https://theorkneynews.scot/2018/06/18/good-things-in-deerness-tankerness/. This lighthouse sculpture is in a very different, but equally appealing, style to the one in Kirkwall, and it somehow suits being at Sheila Fleet’s.

The lighthouse sculptures are varied – something for everyone – including a Doric Dalek!  https://www.lightthenorth.co.uk/lighthouses/.

The theme of St. Magnus Cathedral is continued here, where the little door at the base of the lighthouse echoes the metal-work on the doors of the Cathedral….

I’ll finish with two iconic Orkney images – the Italian Chapel, Lamb Holm…..and ….Standing Stones……….

Aaaaand…….I have a song for every occasion…..’I Want To Marry A Lighthouse Keeper’ by Erika Eigen

“I want to marry a lighthouse keeper

And keep him company.

I want to marry a lighthouse keeper

And live by the side of the sea.

I’ll polish his lamp by the light of day,

So ships at night can find their way.

I want to marry a lighthouse keeper,

Won’t that be okay?”

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