True truth and talking about talking.

In full (fool) bare honesty, stripped of all but a poorly disguised blog name, I have to whisper from the depths of 6 years isolated existence from behind a dumb smart device.

I tap on a broken screen protector laying on my bed with the device I’ve come to know as friend and enemy.

My foolish pride had me of thought, thinking I was winning in health and facing 40 with no fear and with a snap…

It wasn’t a snap, I heard it in my head before I felt it – that moment of delay I actually had time to process that I wasn’t going to be able to drive to work that day, before understanding the actuality of the noise I heard, was.

To say me and the machine haven’t always seen eye to eye, would be an understatement. I avoided it’s reality through absent mindless cooperation with its paperwork tentacles.

I do see it and it’s operators as a machine of one mind, they cannot change for they were trained to work in it. It is always their modus operandi to ensure that process functions despite the process being a non function. It pays well.

I do not have the answers, I am an anarchist. Unlimited human potential and purity of action, people only do bad things due to commerce and money, what is equal contribution? Why do we tend the machine when the machine does not tend us?

It is for these reasons a pile of cash always outweighs a kiss in a box.

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