The Amazing Mosquito Migration

By Bernie Bell

Watching a recorded episode of QI, I learnt that there are 97 bags of human poo on the moon.

So, we have gone to another planet, and what did we leave there? Some general space junk and …..poo.  Presumably not hung on fences, as folk do here.

Seriously, what are we doing and what do we think we are in relation to ….everything else?  “We come in peace – bearing poo.”

Here’s a poem by our friend Marty.  We met Marty through a poetry group we used to go to when we lived in Suffolk.  When he read this out at the group, I thought it was good, but I then had bad dreams for days afterwards. 

I suppose that shows how good it is – but the bad dreams were hard to take!

Here it is……..

The Amazing Mosquito Migration

Yes, he’s actually called ‘Grief’, apparently of French origin.  You can see why I had bad dreams!  I don’t agree with Marty’s sentiments  here – I agree with some of what he’s saying, but not all, by any means.  I have a basic belief in the potential for good in people.  I know they  can be utter bastards, too, but they can be astoundingly wonderful.  Marty knows that and what hurts him and sends him off into the black-lands is the knowledge of how great we can be, yet how dreadful we often are. 


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  1. I’ve been thinking about this again……

    Not only did we go to the moon and leave space junk and human excrement there, we also planted flags – kind-of staking a claim on something which we have no right to stake a claim on.
    The Moon, is the Moon – it doesn’t belong to anyone.

    It reminds me of when people from Britain, Holland, France, Spain etc. etc. went to other countries, planted their flags and claimed a right to own places which they had no right to – they already belonged to the people living there.

    I’m not saying that there are people on the Moon! What I do wonder about is this……if beings from space landed there and saw what we’ve left, what would that tell them about us humans? Would they think what messy, dirty, possessive, inconsiderate creatures we must be?
    And would they then decide not to bother calling by to share their advanced wisdom/technology with us?
    Or….would they decide they needed to come and put some manners on us?

    Surely there’s a Sci-Fi story there for someone to write? What beings from space might make of us when they see what we’ve left on the Moon.

    Messy, dirty, possessive, inconsiderate? Intergalactic Fly-tippers and ‘Wild’ campers?

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