Scale of scales

It’s not easy to describe what isolation can do to curiosity unbound. Without my dreary existence prior to injury I would have lacked the tools to dream.

Through a mangled cloud of reality I contemplated and queried.

I bring this to you now. In its raw unfettered guttural form that expresses itself through my thumbs via my heart brain.

My broken screen takes another pounding, there are other options but this device feels more immediately urgent. I thrash my ideas and thoughts with you as we toil our current realities.

Time is of the essence as we build towards another season of mind controlled purchasing power. Demand for our slaves on the other side of the world to deliver quicker whilst screaming ‘let’s be green’.

The irony of our modern information world where the white man currently stands dominant over all the other minorities.

I say I am a 3rd party slave owner, and I want served here, Bring me my slaves!

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