Surviving the Shipwreck

Here’s a thought.

Let’s try to block out the noise and think about it rationally.

Lots of folk are understandably concerned about the entirely predictable lack of food on the shelves and an energy crisis that sees us paying up to three times more than our neighbouring countries in the aftermath of Brexit. It’s interesting that these things – food security and the need for a reliable energy supply – were amongst the reasons for joining what was then the EEC in the 1970s.

While I understand that it’s politically impossible for the most ideologically dogmatic government in living memory to say so, the quickest way out of the crisis is for the UK to apply for membership of the European Union.

If it doesn’t, then Scotland – which recently won yet another mandate to hold a further plebiscite on self-determination and which voted overwhelming to remain in the EU – should apply.

A basic supply of the three things we all need – food, water and energy – should be the minimum target of any democratically elected government. And if it cannot deliver these within its existing constitutional arrangements then it must make other arrangements with immediate effect.

Independence has never been more vital to our health, prosperity and wellbeing. How fortunate we are to be allowed to escape a bouroch not of our making.

In the absence of courage from those we didn’t vote for, we must, for all of our sakes, demand it from those we did.

We’ll deal with the politics later. For now, let’s agree that Scotland wants to be normal. There’s a way out of this. Let’s take it.

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  1. What absolute dribble to link this to Brexit. Europe is likewise facing a serious gas crisis after prices have surged 280% this year, compounding supply crunches in areas like food, shipping, and home energy.
    Elevated natural gas prices aren’t are not even just a European problem. Prices in the US have increased over 100% already this year, and depending on how cold it gets this winter, many countries could face massive heating bills and food supply problems.
    The behavior of Gazprom (Russia) the largest supplier of natural gas to Europe and the green lobby in the UK rushing to close our mines and coal fired power stations must also be considered.

  2. These are the rantings of an increasingly embittered remainer /independence supporter.
    Facts and common sense are ignored in favour of a ludicrous fantasy of how life would be so much better if we separated from the UK and threw in our lot with the EU.

    Fortunately, it is becoming more evident each day to the average Scot just how incapable the administration at Holyrood is at running just about everything.

  3. Because most of our resources expended by Holyrood and local authorities are consumed in mitigating the damaging policies of the present Westminster government, and paying for the continuing cost of previous governments. None of which we elected to act on our behalf.
    Much better “to ring our own tills, and pay our own bills”. And keep the government’s collective arses within toeing distance.

  4. Alec you are spot on as usual. The unionists and Brexiteers are raging. They are on the point of saying black is white. Cut of their noses to spite their faces. Protect the union at all costs. Keep writing Alec and thank you.🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

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