Ousdsale Broch Tour!

By Bernie Bell

I received the most recent edition of the Caithness Broch Project Newsletter https://www.thebrochproject.co.uk/ , and, with the permission of the CBP,  would like to share their report of a somewhat soggy, but enjoyable walk to Ousdale Broch……….

First up – we were delighted to get involved with this year’s Highland Archaeology Festival   with a tour of Ousdale Broch and the surrounding historic environment.

About 20 visitors joined us at Ousdale – with some hailing from as far away as Applecross – on a rather sodden Saturday.

But, unperturbed by the weather (and we all know that old adage about there being no such thing as bad weather anyway…), they set off down the hill, under the expert guidance of Iain Maclean, who was on hand to furnish them with plenty of detail about the project to save Ousdale Broch, which was completed in 2020.

A good day out by all accounts!

A few photos above and below – aerial shots by Karen Munro.


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  1. It’s a pity that the company who carried out the conservation works there had no qualified or experienced dry stone workers on the contract. The CBP should be more circumspect.

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