Living In A Different World

By Bernie Bell

Sometimes it seems like we’re living in different worlds.

In one world, the people of Barnsley have raised a statue to honour the Key-workers and approximately 900 people who have died of Covid there.

In Orkney at the Balfour Hospital, people – many of them volunteers – are working at the vaccination clinics on a Sunday to try to help to protect people from Covid.

Meanwhile, other people are going to nightclubs, going to music events and the theatre, gathering together indoors, carrying on regardless – like nothing is happening.

And elsewhere, people are rioting because their governments are trying to put restrictions in place which will help to prevent the spread of Covid.

It’s as though we’re living in different worlds. But we’re not. It’s one world.

One world, one future.

Please – THINK!

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  1. There is always polarization within the World, country, society, group.
    Not all of them are spotlighted like that.
    Unfortunately, responsibility ignorance is also there within the opinions.

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