Someone Who Could Explain The Ness Of Brodgar!

By Bernie Bell

I was playing that game where you choose 6 people you would like to have round a table to talk – usually it’s meant to be a dinner party – but I’m not a dinner party sorta person!

Someone occurred to me that I’d never thought of before… of the people who was in charge at the Ness of Brodgar during the Neolithic!

Someone who could explain the structures and ideas behind them to me, and also explain the objects – especially the EOASSK……

And ………………explain what the scratchy-scratchy marks are telling us……..

This person would have to not be full of their own self-importance or they wouldn’t fit with the other people I’d choose, who are……….

Albert Einstein – not just for his cleverness, but also his humour.

Prince – if we could persuade him to relax and talk.  If not, I could just look at him!

Fred Turner – Fred lives in Texas, we correspond but I’ve never met him and I would love to get the chance to sit and talk with him. 

Kurt Vonnegut – because he’s Kurt Vonnegut – again, intelligence and good nature. 

Dorothy Parker – who would just be a hoot to spend time with.

And………someone from the Neolithic Ness – with knowledge and good nature – like the folk in charge there now.

Maybe it takes a certain kind of person.

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