Lighting up Kirkwall & Hearts: Christmas Tractor Run

Orkney’s farming community brought joy to their community yesterday, 29th of December, when a spectacular tractor run filled the streets of Kirkwall with the lights of the festive season.

The decorated tractors had come from all over and as the convoy set off at 6pm no one could have realised how fabulous and joyous it was.

After such an horrendous two years of the Covid pandemic the tractor run brought light into our darkness.

And just as this is written the Just Giving page has now reached an astonishing £25,567 and going up by every minute. The money raised will go to two local charities: CLAN Orkney and the MS Therapy Centre in Kirkwall.

The Orkney News joined the hundreds who had lined the streets to livestream the event and Kenny Armet filmed the tractors as they passed by circling the town.

Both the recording of the livestream and the film can be viewed on The Orkney News YouTube channel.

Thank you so much to the organisers, those who took park and all those giving so generously to the Just Giving page.

Here is the link if you wish to contribute: Just Giving

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  1. So enjoyed watching this wonderful event, from my home in South Ayrshire! Thank you to all who took part.

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