From Israel To Stonehenge, via Brodgar?

By Bernie Bell

We watched a television programme which we had recorded from the 5 Select channel on December the First – ‘Underwater Stonehenge’……

It looks like it’s still available to watch – if you can get past the adverts, and then can apply a filter to the presentation which is ….well…..superficial.  In places, annoyingly so.

The programme might not be accessible outside of Britain, but if folk are interested in finding out more about the site, it’s called Atlit Yam,

I’d say it’s worth watching though – there are cup marks, and wells, and there’s the movement of people across the world.  It could be possible that ideas, ways of being, ways of living, were carried from what is now an area which is underwater off the coast of Israel, to Stonehenge – maybe via Brodgar?

Brodgar wasn’t mentioned – but that’s fair enough as the focus of the programme is on the beginning and end of the time of stone circle building –  Brodgar is earlier than Stonehenge so therefore, earlier than the end.

Most of these shadows are of the Brodgar stones – one is of a human being.  Stone circles – people – through time and across the world.

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