Ukraine Applies to Join the EU

Yesterday, 28th of February, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, President of Ukraine, made application for his country to join the EU.

The EU has been swift to respond to Russia’s imperial invasion of Ukraine, with arms and supplies being sent to support Ukraine. Refugees fleeing the conflict have also had easy access to neighbouring EU countries.

The UK which left the EU after an advisory referendum in which both Scotland and N. Ireland voted to Remain, is looking ever more diminished on the world stage. The Tory Government’s toxic immigration rules have been brought into sharp focus and the requirements imposed on Ukrainians fleeing the war and who wish to come to the UK. If you can pick cabbages or butcher up some pigs you should be able to get in or to remain in the UK if you are a Ukrainian already working here.

“Ukrainian nationals in Ukraine (who aren’t immediate family members of British nationals normally living in Ukraine, or where the British national is living in the UK), are currently unable to make visa applications to visit, work, study or join family in the UK through a VAC in Ukraine.” UK Gov

Scottish Government Aid to Ukraine

The Scottish Government has announced an aid package to Ukraine. An initial £4m in humanitarian aid will be provided to provide basic humanitarian assistance, including in health, water and sanitation, and shelter.  Medical supplies will also be provided.

The supplies provided are based on a list of urgently needed medical equipment, supplies and pharmaceuticals provided by the Ukrainian Government via their Edinburgh consulate. The supplies to be provided will include anaesthetic machines, syringe pumps and bandages.

Russian owned tankers

The farce of Russian owned tankers docking at ports throughout the UK, including Shetland, Orkney and mainland Scotland has been put a halt to at last by the UK Department of Transport. No Entry to UK Ports for Russian flagged, registered, owned, controlled, chartered or operated vessels

Yesterday, 28th February, during the Ministerial statement by Liz Truss, Secretary of State for Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Affairs of the United Kingdom, several MPs raise the issue of Russian owned tankers visiting ports in the UK.

SNP MP Brendan O’Hara questioned why NS Century was able to “freely access Finnart oil terminal on Loch Long, which is adjacent to RNAD Coulport, home of the UK’s nuclear arsenal?”

Location of NS Century at 08:43 , 01/03/2022

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  1. What the h***? I am a Canadian, 1/4 descended from Ukrainians, and I really thought the civilised world had given up the semi-racist notions about Ukrainians (cabbage-rolls are made with ground pork and yes, cabbage).

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