National Day of Reflection: Remembering Those We Have Lost To #Covid

Today, 23rd March 2022, marks the second ‘Day of Reflection’, as we remember all those who have lost their lives to Covid. This day is the second anniversary of when the UK went into a lockdown as scientists worked to find a vaccine against Covid-19.

A minute’s silence will be held in the Scottish Parliament today at 12 noon.

Prominent buildings and landmarks will also be lit up across Scotland.

Nicola Sturgeon, First Minister of Scotland said:

“The National Day of Reflection provides an important opportunity for us all to come together, to support one another and remember those we have lost.”

Health and care organisations which are taking part in the day of reflection are asking people to:

  • Observe a minute’s silence at midday, wearing a daffodil pin if you would like to
  • Shine a light at 8pm, or display flowers in your window
  • Visit a Wall of Reflection or remember a loved one in your own way
  • Join one of seven online talks and panel discussions
  • New for 2022, an interactive online map will display a UK-wide network of Walls of Reflection where people can go to remember the loved ones they have lost and where the local community can come together to support those who are grieving.

To find out more about the National Day of Reflection visit #DayofReflection

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  1. I’m probably swimming against the tide here – but – but – but…. a Day of Reflection, while slashing the Covid restrictions?

    How will those who have not only lost people they care about, but also know they died in such a truly horrible way, feel about this publicity exercise?

    I said this…..

    “the ‘forgotten’ deaths” – what a chilling thought that is.

    I’m afraid there are far too many of them – the numbers that have died since March 2020 appear to be being forgotten.

    And……the fact that the Prime Minister of Britain ( a misnomer if ever there was one) and his cronies were having parties while the general public were not allowed to attend funerals for their dead. That appears to be being conveniently forgotten – or over-ridden by other ‘news’ – too.

    He’s still there, in power, meeting with others in power.

    “Uncertainty is the new certainty
    Displacement is the new stability
    And language’s ability
    To comprehend
    Is starting to bend and crack.”
    Ian McMillan”

    ….in a comment to this…..

    And – I’m saying it again, and will keep on doing so.

    How much soft-soap and two-faced tripe are people prepared to take?

  2. And Mike added……” A Day of Reflection indicates that it’s over – it isn’t.”

    Not by a long way.

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