Orkney’s Top Ten: Big Garden Birdwatch

The annual Big Garden Birdwatch results organised by the RSPB are now in.

European starling Photo DickDaniels (

In the Orkney Top Ten the Starling came in at number 1, with the house sparrow at 2 and the blackbird at 3.

Orkney Top Ten Big Garden Birdwatch 2022

Here is the Scottish Top Ten:

Retaining its number 1 spot in Scotland is the house sparrow. 44,412 people counted a total of 837,650 birds in Scotland. Starlings came in second place and blue tits in third.

Across the UK  697,735 people counted 11,556,046 birds in 2022. House sparrows also topped the poll in the UK count but its numbers are down. The population has declined so much that they are on the UK Red List for birds – any further declines would be devastating. you can find out more here: Big Garden Birdwatch

You can download the Scottish results here:

And here’s some previous results:

2021: The House Sparrow is Scotland’s No.1

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Big Garden Birdwatch 2019 for the 2018 results

Download here for Scotland’s full 2022 results:

Click on this link for the full UK results which includes those for Orkney

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