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Gin Selection

When I started drinking gin way back in the eighties you were lucky if you had the choice of two or three different brands from the Gantry; these days I’d imagine it must be a little like a child looking through the window of a sweetie shop you are so spoiled for choice.

Even in the Armet household there is now more than one Gin to whet your whistle, ie the above photo was compiled from what the six adults residing here have in their gin arsenal.

Well; if like me you are completely bamboozled by the choice; there is now a “Scottish Gin Bible” written by Sean Murphy to help you on your way.

“The Scottish Gin Bible” is a detailed and illustrated book on the nation’s hottest trending spirits, “The Scottish Gin Bible” features fascinating stories behind the flavours, brands and recipes of 100 Scottish gins. making it the ideal way to explore Scottish gin, the book features cocktail ideas for every palate and occasion – from a Shetland southside from the Saxa Vord Distillery to a Pamplemousse using Kirkjuvagr gin.

This bible is the perfect companion for gin lovers across Scotland and the UK, along with gin-loving visitors from around the world.

The guide also explores the revival of Scottish gin, fuelled in part by the boom in small craft distilleries that have transformed the market. Now 70% of the UK’s gin is made in Scotland. The Scottish Gin Bible gives a unique and informative look into gin producers across the country, sharing the stories and knowledge of their craft, as well as a refreshing range of boutique products to experience.

Whether looking for new drink inspiration, or to expand your knowledge of the thriving gin scene, The Scottish Gin Bible is the complete guide.

Sean said: “Scotland’s gin scene has been through a lot in the past few years because of the pandemic, and it’s been important to me to help get [the distilleries’] story out there once again. I hope that the book will be the perfect guide and accompaniment to help anyone find their new favourite tipple, rediscover some old classics or simply learn all about the people that make this wonderful spirit.”

Sean Murphy is a tourism writer for various publications and he also helps to judge the country’s best gins at the Scottish Gin Awards.

Sean Murphy‘s first book, Gin Galore, was published in 2018. The Scottish Gin Bible is his second book.

Orkney Gins Photo by Graham Slater

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