The Irish Connection – Among Others

By Bernie Bell

I’ve wittered on about the Bru Na Boinne – I witter on endlessly about Brodger – Ness of and Ring of  – and I wittered about the Irish Connection….

So, I’m delighted to present to the readers of The Orkney News – our own Nick Card talking of these connections, and others, at the British Museum……

I notice that Seren Griffiths speaks of Bryn Celli Du in Anglesey – one of my favourite places on this earth.

It was many years ago that I first went there.  I walked up to the top of the mound – stood and looked about me – and felt like I was on top of the world.  I stood there singing ‘I’m Every Woman’ by Chaka Khan – have a listen and you’ll see why….

Looking across to a small Standing Stone – away across the fields – in line with the Enigma Stone – leading the eye to …what?

There are carvings on the Enigma stone at the back of the cairn, outside, which are very similar to some found at sites in the Bru Na Boinne…

Then there’s what’s inside – a pillar with marks to show the passage of Venus across the sky.  I have a strong liking for, and connection with, Venus.

Years later we visited again, with Ben-The-Dog.  Some people had been there to acknowledge the place – fair enough – and had left some little cakes – which Ben ate. But also – had left metal T-light holders, which won’t get eaten and won’t rot away for a very long time.  We picked them up and took them away.

Please folks – don’t do that – yes, go to these places, connect with them, do whatever you feel is a good thing to do – but don’t leave stuff that will stay there – it’s litter – simple as that.  Don’t litter today’s world, and don’t litter yesterday’s world either.

End of lecture.

As you can see, I care a great deal about and for Bryn Celli Ddu – even writing of it brings it back to me.

I strayed from the subject of this piece – Nick’s talk in London – but – connection is what it’s about.  Between the places, and with The Universe.

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  1. I should have said that the light-box directs light onto a pillar which is marked to show the passage of the Sun and of Venus across the sky. .

    If I remember rightly, the light-box has geometric shapes carved on it – a recurring motif at the Bru Na Boinne, the Ness of Brodgar, and how many other sites?

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