More Neolithic Connections

By Bernie Bell

Twenty years ago Mike was on a work trip to Brittany, and in their time off the Working Group were taken out on a boat into the Golfe de Morbihan. The bay contains a lot of small islands, many of which have Neolithic sites and structures on them. 

Some, such as Gavr’Innis Chambered Cairn,  they just passed in the boat……

But they landed on the Île-aux-Moines and visited the dolmen there…

….which has a carved stone inside it.

I was looking through our photo albums for the pictures of Bryn Celli Ddu , and came across the pics from the Golfe de Morbihan and realised how similar the Neolithic structures and carvings are to many found in Britain and Ireland – and in Nature, too….

Stone at Sandside Bay, Orkney

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