Poseidon Rising: exhibition of paintings by Vernon Bradley

From Saturday 23rd of April to Wednesday 4th of May the paintings of Vernon Bradley will be exhibited at the Northlight Gallery Stromness. The exhibition is open Monday to Saturday 11am to 4pm.

Commenting about his work Vernon Bradley said:

“I’ve always painted from childhood. My father was stationed in Malta, so I lived there as a child.  The colours of the Mediterranean have stayed with me since, and with rare exceptions, I have always lived by the sea.

“My paintings, but not my piano pieces, are examples of abstract expressionism and action painting.  

“Falling into this classification was unintentional.  Most of my work is a wrestle to avoid conforming to any expectations.  I most certainly wrestle with known doctrines, religion, politics and what I think are broken systems.  Like so many of us I hear the endless noise of human suffering and I look for rational thought to deal with it.  I find the archaic, mediaeval, prehistoric, faith-based practices to be impoverished.  

“Paintings and my piano compositions, give me some order from the chaos. 

“See the storms, see the blood-red visceral endless circles, when you look at my paintings.  But see the structure, look for fractals and see the sense of order and how I stay one step ahead of my demons”

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