Interesting Events At Kilmartin Museum

By Bernie Bell

Mike and I are ‘Friends of’ Kilmartin Museum , and therefore receive regular Newsletters telling us about events, developments and discoveries relating to Kilmartin Glen and the Museum and I’d like to share some of the most recent updates with readers of TON……

The programme of on-line evening talks has been very popular and coming up in the next couple of months there will be….

Thursday 19th of May – ‘Spot the Bird’ with Oly Hemmings and Pete Creech – Heart of Argyll Wildlife

Date in May to be confirmed – ‘Cowboys & Indians?’  A study of violence and conflict in South East Scotland’ with Dr. Angela Boyle – a freelance osteo-archaeologist. This talk was re-scheduled from the 21st of April

Thursday the 19th of June – ‘Cord, cloth and clothing in the Bronze Age: A view from Kilmartin’ with  Susanna Harris of the University of Glasgow.

Thursday the 18th of August – ‘Kilmartin v Cochno: Scotland’s biggest rock art sites’ with Dr. Kenny Brophy of the University of Glasgow.

All talks are FREE  and places can be booked at  If you can’t make it at the given time, all talks will then be available on

Also, the popular guided walks through the monuments of Kilmartin Glen have re-started and will be held every Wednesday afternoon until 26th of October 2022.

They begin at 1.30 pm in Kilmartin village and to book a place ….

If you’d like to find out more about Kilmartin Museum – maybe become a ‘Friend of’ and receive Newsletters – check out the website.

Though the Museum is closed there’s a lot happening there, including a major re-development project. I just hope they don’t sweep away the loo in the old building – I think it’s a hoot – an historical hoot, but still a hoot!

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