The Orkney Exhibitions Season Has Started!

By Bernie Bell

An exhibition focusing on the dig at The Cairns, South Ronaldsay, opened on the 7th of May in the Stromness Museum, and will continue until the end of October.

And, from the 13th of May until October the 29th there is an exhibition in the Orkney Museum, Kirkwall, which focuses on the archaeology of Newark, Deerness and the story it tells.

In this piece, Sigurd mentions that the spiral at the centre of the cross-head is similar to a decorated lead disc from the Brough of Birsay – it also reminds me of the central boss on the Farr Stone in the Kirkyard surrounding what is now Strathnaver Museum…

Carved in different places, but with similar intent?

I’ve previously written of Newark, and what is to be found there…..

In one small area there is so much archaeology/history – and more keeps being either excavated or, unfortunately, eroded out of the cliffs. 

Sometimes deposition has preserved sites, for example the dunes which protected Skara Brae, sometimes – all too often  around the coast of Orkney – erosion reveals, but also destroys.

The ‘new’ Pictish Stone can connect with the collection of Pictish Stones permanently on display in the Museum…..

….the symbols on which are something of a mystery. Maybe the more of these stones which are found, the more likely archaeologists/historians/ students of religions and folk-lore  will be able to put the pieces together towards an understanding of what they are expressing.

Meanwhile – they are striking objects, in themselves.

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