Primula Scotica

These photos of the beautiful tiny flowers were taken on Sunday, in Orkney.

These Scottish primroses are the smallest of the primrose family. They are very rare, only being found in the wild, in Coastal Orkney & neighbouring Caithness.

They are usually found near to sea cliffs, in maritime heath environments, with a fairly high salt content. Large waves break and spray is carried, inland, by the wind. 

These primroses are only found in areas not grazed by sheep, cows, horses or goats.

If found, these flowers should be left undisturbed. They can, however, be photographed and admired, by us all.

Many local people, both in Caithness & Orkney, today’s Nordic Scotland, do not fully appreciate how special their homelands are.

In the words of HRH, Prince Charles, heir to the throne, ” This is a wonderful place “.

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