The Party’s Over

Today I was in the office watching the ongoing omnibouroch that is the Westminster cesspit. Boy, that was tough to witness. And it’s important that we don’t become numb to this and that we remember that we’re seeing unheralded levels of sleaze and corruption by people who are supposed to represent us. And they are not good people, which we knew long before reports surfaced of the author of the enquiry being invited to kick what they knew was going to be a deeply shaming report into the long grass.

I’m trying to imagine a set of circumstances where a manager presides over and takes an active part in regular workplace parties at the height of a pandemic where people get pissed, spill wine on the walls and then verbally abuse the cleaning staff, mock a security guard for telling them they’re breaking the rules that they’ve set for everyone else (but not themselves), get into fights and then leave at four in the morning by a back door in case they get seen (that’s the worst bit – they knew, and did it anyway) – and keeps his job.

But that is where we are. And the only people worse that Johnson are his silent colleagues and, worse, the ones who continue to defend his indefensible behaviour.

All of which should make us angry.

But what saddens me more than anything is Scotland’s continuing presence in this appalling charade of a proper democracy. We must leave immediately. Our complicity shames us.

They say the secret of a good party is knowing when to leave. We should have called for a taxi ages ago, gone home, and never returned.

Keep the faith people. I’ll meet you further on up the road.

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  1. I wonder if this latest business might be what gets rid of him. It’s not really different to what he’s done before – just different timing.
    The British public have a tendency to get rid of the person who got them through a crisis, once the crisis is over. Churchill and the War comes to mind.
    The pandemic isn’t over – but the populace in general appear to think it is. Up to now there has been an element of ‘Not a good idea to change Prime Minister while in the middle of a crisis’. The public now think we’re not in the middle of a crisis – that the crisis is over. And that might be what gets rid of Boris, even though they are mistaken in their perception of the reality of the situation.
    Depends on whether the Tories waiting in the wings sharpening their knives think it’s time or not.

    Even when Scotland is independent – it would be good to have half decent next-door neighbours.

  2. Whereas here in Scotland we are stuck with an honest but totally incompetent bunch of losers who manage to make a complete mess of everything they meddle in.

  3. You really would get more of a hearing if you even tried to raise your game above tiresome whatabootery.

    • Never waste time attempting to debate with independence zealots or evangelical preachers. They are cut from the same cloth and cancel any non believers faster than a rat up a drainpipe and get very upset at the same time.

      • Really? It seems that’s all you ever do. Seriously pal, I’m bored with this. Bring something interesting. Or gie’s peace. Either would work.

  4. May 2021, the leaders of the Scottish greens were drinking in Browns bar in Edinburgh they were in breach of covid rules. They made apologies and were then made ministers to prop up a minority SNP GOV. Ms Calderwood lost her position over a breach of rules,, what was the difference? Perhaps we should put our own house in order first.

  5. Alec – why do you respond to the McDougal man at all? It’s what he wants – and only encourages him. There’s just no point.

    To quote The Duchess in ‘Alice’ …..

    “Pay no attention to the McDougal man
    Ignore him when he sleazes
    For he could thoroughly enjoy
    Real discussion if he pleases
    He only does it to annoy
    Because he knows it teases!”

  6. Your response to criticism or contrary views reveal more about your true character than carefully crafted, longwinded articles aimed at the fanatical nasty supporters.

    You profess to love the people of Europe and at the same time execrate our closest neighbours.
    Its strange how in every other country, the term nationalist is regarded as a pejorative term

    “Patriotism is when love of your own people comes first; nationalism, when hate for people other than your own comes first”.

    Charles de Gaulle

  7. “My true character”. Seriously, wise up. You don’t know the first thing about me. And how exactly a criticism of the appalling Johnson an execration of the wider population of a neighbouring country? That makes so sense whatsoever. And your characterisation of a Scottish self-determination movement defined by civic inclusivity is just off the charts mental.

    Seriously, give me a break. I won’t respond to this tiresome nonsense again.

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