Sma’ Things

Bear with me here.

So. I’ve just got back from seeing my faither. He’s fine, by the way. More than fine, in fact, for a seventy-seven year old grandfather of four who is recuperating from a wee turn in a hospital that he, in his role as Dumfries & Galloway Health Board chairman, helped bring about. I’m loving how he’s enjoying the delicious irony of finally getting the use of a hospital he helped to create, and how he isn’t slow in sharing the story with the staff. Who obviously love the guy. And, at every opportunity, he thanks the staff for the job they’re doing.

Dinner is at five. So I turn up at 4.15, thinking that will give me me a decent chance of a blether about food, farming, the ongoing political situation, independence, whatever. But here’s the thing. A’body in the place wants to speak to him. And A’body does. I’ve nae chance. I’ll get five minutes, tops. But that’s cool. I’ve had the privilege of a lifetime of his knowledge. And of his humanity. And wisdom. And humour. Folks, you are welcome.

I mind a few years ago being involved in my local golf club and asking my dad to organise the car parking for the annual Pro-Am. At one point a major sponsor turned up and basically abandoned his car. Dad told him to move it. The sponsor didn’t recognise Dad and gave him the whole “do you not know who I am” pish. And then he recognised my father. Who gave him the stare. Shift it.

The car was moved. We are all Jock Thomson’s bairns.

The most damning thing about the Sue Gray report wasn’t the booze or the parties. It was the appalling way the powerful treated the powerless. The cleaners. The security staff. People who were following the rules when Westminster wasn’t, because rules are for little people. How we treat folk defines us.

Tak tent o’ ither. Tak tent o’ sma’ things.

All Of Us First. And let Scotland be Scotland.

I’ll meet you further on up the road.

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  1. A lot in a small piece Alec.

    First of all, I noticed your Dad giving the posh person ‘the stare’ – reminds me of Paddington Bear’s hard stare as taught to him by Aunt Lucy – for when someone forgets their manners.

    And – will the recent revelations finally get rid of the odious blob? Immediately that Sue Gray released her report – Sunak suddenly released money to help with fuel bills. Funny coincidence that – nothing like a distraction technique, or bribery. I thought – surely no-one will fall for that? But the great British public have fallen for a lot else.

    I was also thinking of how this ploy could be an attempt to make it look like the Conservative Party aren’t actually part of the privileged money classes – trying to make it look like they’re not hand in glove with the money-men of the world – that, really, they’re just like us – trying to pay the bills.

    Then, this morning I thought …..where is the money that will be paid to folk to help with their heating bills, ultimately going to go? To the big power companies – that’s where.

    I am more than pleased that money is being provided ( note I don’t say given – can it be called giving, when it came from us in the first place?) to help people – but – there is so much hanging on and around this sudden consideration and generosity – it’s very loaded indeed.

    The money will go to the big power companies and their shareholders – and so into the bank balances of………

    End of rant. For now.

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