Game ON

We are only on day one, but Scottish Labour and Scottish LibDems have already sided with the appalling Boris Johnson, while the Scottish Conservatives are talking about boycotting the whole thing.

This has been a running theme of mine for several years. Why on earth are we paying for people to sit in a parliament whose democratic mandates they don’t respect?

We are in the absurd position paying for own belittlement. And meanwhile their position remains that a party that has been in for over a decade has no right to call a vote, but a party that has been rejected for nearly seven decades has every right to refuse one.

In that respect, yesterday’s was actually a hell of a good speech. The bit about “respect for democracy and respect for the rule of law is something that should unite us all” is direct challenge to the unionists in Holyrood. In other words, if you’re going to sit here, respect our democracy. Or what, pray, is the point of you?

The repeated question – “why not Scotland?” changes the burden of proof. I don’t know who writes her speeches but I’ll bet you they borrowed that line from Robert Kennedy: “some people see things as they are and ask why. I see things as they never were and ask why not”.

There’s life. So there’s hope.

Game on.

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  1. You are politically and economically naive if you actually believe the nonsense Sturgeon and her civil servants are cooking up to make the case for independence.
    She knows that time is slipping away and is prepared to do and say anything to placate the iny rabble.
    Its going to be fun watching the nonsense spouted over the coming months.

    • “Its going to be fun watching the nonsense spouted over the coming months.”

      Coming from you, this could be taken as irony, since all you ever do is visit these pages to say: “Yah, boo, SNP baaaaaaaaaaad”, concentrating particularly on the figure of our First Minister. (Though I somehow doubt that you’re capable of irony).

      Instead of your habitual negativity, why don’t you regale us with a positive case for the Union?

      Use your heady intellect to explain to the “naive rabble” exactly why we are better off being ruled from a foreign country, by a bunch of effete chancers that we didn’t vote for!

      • Sturgeon only has to open her mouth and spout her usual hypocrisy, spin and disregard for the numbers, and the case for the Union is made.
        After berating Westminster for not sending her more money to combat covid, it turns out £2.5b of it was never spent.

      • Oh, dearie me.

        So that’s it, Lachie?

        I gave you the chance to point to the benefits of 300(+) years of London rule and all you can come out with is more, “SNP baaaa-baaaa-baaaad”.

        You should calm yersel doon a wee bit. It’s comin’ yet for a’ that!

        P.S. (You must be great fun at parties!).

  2. I am not worried in the least about our future union. I know as well as Sturgeon, there will be no illegal referendum.
    She is only going through the motions to keep her poor deluded supporters like you from frothing at the mouth.

    • Living in a bunker, Lachie?

      There is already a date for the referendum: October 2023. One that meets all the criteria of the UN for the self-determination of peoples.

      Westminster can like it, or lump it. The very idea that England should get to decide whether the Scots can, or cannot, vote to determine their constitutional future is downright offensive!

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