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UK Government Launches Islands Forum

The UK Government will be hosting a meeting in Orkney in September bringing together Islands authorities from across the UK.

The new set up is called the ‘Islands Forum’ with the first session in Orkney chaired by Michael Gove, Secretary of State for Levelling Up in the UK Government.

Michael Gove MP said:

“Island communities contribute a huge amount to the UK and often face common challenges. Our new Islands Forum will bring communities together and give our islands a stronger voice.

“Whether it is the requirement for better transport connectivity or opportunities for economic development, I want to hear directly from island communities across the UK what they need to unlock their full potential.

“The UK Government’s goal is to unite and level up our whole United Kingdom, from Shetland to the Scillies. This new forum will make sure that our islands are placed right at the heart of our levelling up mission.”

The following islands groupings have been invited along with the devolved Governments:

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  1. Anyone who gives any credence to anything that Michael Gove says….

    needs their head testing.

  2. The Tories have been in government at Westminster for many many years…yet only now when a new Independence referendum is a possibility do they want to sit down and attempt to find out about the ‘challenges’ islands face.
    Says a lot that they don’t seem to know…and haven’t bothered to until now.

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