Archaeological Mysticism or what?

Peter Breingan

It is time for me to unveil my deepest thoughts and reveal a few secrets about ancient sites, related beliefs and my continued fascination with them.

The early 90s was an unstable time in my personal life. I found solace by visiting, alone, various local sites of antiquity. Avebury and its environs became a very special peaceful sanctuary for me. During many visits I became acquainted with ‘crop circles’ and their many human observers. During this same period I read an intriguing book “The Sun and the Serpent”, by Hamish Miller and Paul Broadhurst about earth energy lines transiting across the UK. I had already begun dowsing ancient sites and crop circles, and was shocked to find how my dowsing experiences matched those in Hamish Miller’s book.

My first astonishing discovery was the Michael energy line, which Hamish claimed to emanate from the man Avebury stone circle and flow SE between the parallel stones of the West Kennet Avenue (Fig 1). This avenue of 7-9 feet tall standing stones is about 10m (metres) wide and physically continues about 500m from the Avebury Circle until it reaches an arable fie

Fig 1

Across this field, parallel to the adjacent road, the Michael line proceeds onwards (SE) to the Sanctuary (remains of a wood-henge) a mile or two away, minus the stones that were removed hundreds of years ago.

One year a small (8m) crop circle appeared (see Fig 1) in this field a little way in from end of the stones but right on the centre line of the avenue. I dowsed the road, and beyond, and found that a narrow female energy line crossed the Michael line exactly where the crop circle had appeared.

When I first dowsed Michael, beginning at Avebury’s main circle, it was in the winter of 1991. On that occasion I found Michael was like a stream of male energy flowing SE exactly between the avenue’s stones, for the whole 500m I had access to. I was later to discover this agreed with Hamish Miller’s observations. So amazed, I revisited Avebury several times that year, close to monthly, and recorded  Michael’s width on each occasion. In doing so I unearthed a shocking revelation. Michael was continuously expanding as the year progressed – see Fig 2.

Fig 2. Key: Red line number of days into 1991 / Blue line width of Michael line (metres)

So, while Michael remained centred in the Avenue, it’s edges expanded out across the adjacent fields and the nearby road. Retaining its properties across its breadth Michael gradually grew from January until April/May and reached an amazing width of 450 metres (measured by natural strides) in June and ‘collapsed’ back to it’s expected 10 metres later in the month. I repeated this in 1992 and again observed similar behaviour. This peak and subsequent collapse seemed to coincide with an explosion of crop circles in the Avebury vicinity and elsewhere, especially in Wessex. Michael remained 10m wide throughout the following late summer and autumn until the January of the next year. An explanation of Michael’s unexpected exponential widening has never come to mind. 

Over the following years I spent many hours dowsing ancient circles, crop circles., and churches on the Michael Mary lines. The Michael and Mary energy lines meander across England, from Carn-les-boel near Lands End in Cornwall to Hopton in Norfolk (what they do in the sea is another thing!). As they meander  NE occasionally they cross each other (as they do in the Avebury complex). They always cross at an ancient/pagan site and most often where a church has been dedicated to either Michael or Mary. Can you believe this? Well follow Michael and Mary on the interactive Google map here (it is a hyperlink) and do some research: The St Michael Line in the UK

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