West Kennet Long Barrow   1991 

Image credit Chris Talbot

On December 1st 1991 I spent the whole day attempting to establish and map the track of the Michael and Mary energy lines, and others if I came across them, over the area encompassing the West Kennet stone avenue, Silbury Hill, West Kennet Long Barrow, East Kennet, the Sanctuary and the Ridgeway. 

Moving west from the small hamlet of East Kennet I picked up the Mary line again and made my way towards the West Kennet Long Barrow which was beckoning on the dusky horizon, it was about 4pm and the sun had long set.

Mary was heading straight for the eastern entrance of the barrow, and was flowing west. The lay-by where visitors normally parked was about 600 meters away to the north on the A4 road, which passes just south of Silbury Hill. It was empty and that suited me. Soon I entered the barrow, gladly alone – I wanted to soak up the energy inside. I spent quite sometime just taking in this amazing tomb, and imagining how it might have been 5,000 years ago. I shot no photographs, which I did some days later, and many times afterwards, and thought I’d best be heading home to Bristol. 

It was now 4.20pm and the temperature was dropping rapidly, even though the sky was overcast, so I began heading down the footpath in order to reach my car. This was parked about a kilometer away, between West Kennet and the Sanctuary, on an old farm track. 

I suddenly noticed that there were 5 or 6 figures making their way towards the barrow on the footpath from the lay-by – but strangely there was no vehicle there. Soon these figures were heading toward me, now a short distance away. Now I had difficulty counting them because they were aligned behind each other. They appeared dressed in black, and walking in single file.

My imagination kicked in and I started thinking – why on earth would a group of people visit a place like this, when it was almost dark. As they approached I discerned a little more and felt a bit edgy, unlike me really. They were all dressed in long black hooded cloaks. All were hooded but the leader, and he had a large crop of very fuzzy, curly black hair. I continued to walk, as naturally as possible toward them – and begun to wonder what would happen when we met on this fairly narrow path with barbed wire fences on either side. 

As the leader approached me, apparently unaware of my presence, I was astonished to see he was wearing a large golden cross, hanging from a substantial golden chain around his neck. It lay on his chest and seemed to shine, even though it was close to darkness now. He was now only yards away from me and I braved a look in his direction – another shock of sorts – his face was that of a cherub. 

For some reason this disturbed me and I shuffled sideways to make way for them to pass. They did so without a greeting or noise of any kind – I was not even sure I could hear their footsteps. I was convinced one of them was a woman; sacrifice came to mind. 

I was relieved in a way to be ignored, but on the other-hand I felt a bit miffed. I started off more briskly for my car – I wanted home. On the way, I kept having the urge to look back, and I did several times. It seemed to me that these figures were making little progress toward the barrow’s entrance, or that time had slowed right down. The horizon they were set against was pretty dark, but I could still make the line of them out. 

I was not that far from my car and decided to take one more glance just before the barrow was about to sink beneath the horizon to the west. They were no longer visible. I tried my binoculars but it was too dark – I needed night vision. But then to my astonishment a gigantic white flash emanated from the entrance of the barrow, which I could just see the top of. The flash lasted only a fraction of a second but it incredibly lit up the whole sky. That flash was no camera – was chemical or even alchemical. 

My idea of going back there soon faded away. I wanted to and didn’t want to. I got into my car to set off home. As I passed the parking lay-by there were no vehicles. As I passed Silbury Hill I spotted a long black car, like a Cadillac, parked just off the road, up a farm track. It had a Jersey number plate. 

End of story, Peter Breingan

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  1. West Kennet Long Barrow! My lord.

    The first time I went there, many years ago, I had no pre-conceptions about it. I don’t mind going where the ‘dead’ folk are, but…I got to the entrance, and couldn’t go in. A terrible wave of darkness and death hit me. I was puzzled, as, as I say, I don’t mind these places, in fact, choose to go to them – maybe as you do. I went round the barrow, and up on the top of the barrow – all fine – no negative feelings at all. I just wasn’t allowed in.

    Years later I went there again – tried to prepare myself first – but still couldn’t go in. I suppose I never will.
    One of those things.

    When we lived in Suffolk, Mike and I followed the Mary line on what we called a ‘church crawl’ as there are a lot of churches built along the line. We don’t have a religion – but what’s there is what’s there, and there’s a reason why these places have been reverenced through the years. Somewhere back in the photo albums we have photos of the places we visited along the line.

    We bought T- towels in the churches, and still have them, including one from St. Mary’s, Somerlayton, which was just along the road from where we lived – and a lovely place.

    It looks like you followed the line by dowsing? Mike’s a good dowser – I’m rubbish at it. He once located someone’s lost dog by dowsing.

    You’ve got me thinking about these places again, and remembering. I was sure I had my West Kennet experience in this machine somewhere, from when I’d written about it to someone, but I can’t find it. I have been known to mistakenly delete things – often!

  2. Bernie – so glad to read your reply.
    Yes I used to dowse a great deal – ancient sites, churches, stone and crop circles.
    I have a set of OS maps with the Michael and Mary lines marked upon it.
    It stretches from the SW tip of Cornwall to the East coast of Norfolk.
    The number of churches dedicated to St Mary or St Michael sitting on the separate lines is
    undeniably significant.

    Everything is in this book The Sun and the Serpent


    I have many strange/unusual tales/stories from my related explorations.

    When I came to Orkney to live about 17 years ago I did try to find this same earth energy here.
    But alas, even with the many ancient sites I found little.
    I have no idea why – and often think that my interest and consciousness shifted away from the subject. I should try to look again when the spring returns, before I finally retire.

    • Hello Peter
      We have a copy of ‘The Sun & The Serpent’ – not surprisingly.

      After reading your piece, I was thinking about how different it is here. But, well, don’t you think that’s not surprising? Orkney has its own ‘feel’, and different places in Orkney have their own ‘feel’. If you have a look at some of my ‘Orkney Walks With Stories’ in TON, you’ll see that I mention this sometimes – the different ‘feel’ at different places. Or/and my archaeological ramblings too.

      It’s a huge subject – I’ll just say that something of my way of seeing it is…..it’s all one thing, it’s all LIFE https://theorkneynews.scot/2017/11/13/how-i-see-the-whole-life-lovelightgodreiki-etc-etc-thing/, but….expresses in different ways in different places, and in different forms of life. That really, really is trying to put it briefly!

      You say you have tales of your experiences – how do you feel about sharing them with Orkney News readers? If so, please include pictures, as Fiona (G) does like a good pic to go with a piece of writing!

      Hmmmm – floodgates have opened a bit – I risk heading off into my world of weird. Hang on, how can I head off into it when it’s where I am?

  3. Let’s go there Bernie – yes the landscapes and rocks of Orkney and Wiltshire are very different.

    The geology of a place does seem to influence how I respond to it. Cornwall’s granite, Wiltshire’s
    limestone and chalk and Orkney’s sandstone – each creates individual underlying impressions upon a human psyche.

    Geologically Orkney sits in the Palaeozoic Era (“old life” – 500ma – 250ma) and Wiltshire resides in the Cenozoic Era (“new life” – 66ma – present).

    I have often thought of the earth energy lines (not lines really) as forming a world wide overland network, like the fungal mycorrhizal networks that we are beginning to learn more about. My dowsing had me concluding that the siting of ancient sites was based on the presence of such energy lines.

    At Avebury there is an avenue of tall standing stones leaving the Avebury Circle in a south easterly direction, for some way. The Michael line follows this precisely. I monitored Michael’s behaviour weekly for two years in succession and discovered something quite extraordinary. Each autumn and winter the breadth of Michael stayed bound inside the avenue but as Spring progressed so Michael gradually expanded beyond the avenue. The width of the stone avenue is about 8 metres – but when Michael reached its maximum, its total width was near 150 metres, symmetrically spread either side of the avenue. For both years, in June it collapsed back into the boundary of the avenue and remained there until the following spring. I still have the observational data somewhere.

    There is more to this story and I shall save it for another time.

    I always wondered if this earth energy was the planet’s life force because it seemed to
    respond to my binary questions.

    • “Each autumn and winter the breadth of Michael stayed bound inside the avenue but as Spring progressed so Michael gradually expanded beyond the avenue. The width of the stone avenue is about 8 metres – but when Michael reached its maximum, its total width was near 150 metres, symmetrically spread either side of the avenue. For both years, in June it collapsed back into the boundary of the avenue and remained there until the following spring.”

      When I read this I thought ….”Breathing”. I’m not drawing conclusions – I’m not saying it is breathing – but, that’s what I thought – breathing – out, in, gently, slowly, expand, contract, keeps the life going.
      Just some thoughts, or rather – a reaction.

      And this brings in the idea of Gaia – the whole earth as one, living organism.

      And now, I’m going to get off this machine and out into it – before the storms return.

      Later, I’ll look out our photos from when we were there, and walked that avenue.

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