‘The Orkney Sky At Night’

Orkney International Science Festival 2022, from 1-7 September. Events online and locally. Visit Image shows a young boy kneeling by the sea with seals.

Looking up at the wonders of the night sky is one of the pleasures in living in a place where there is very little light pollution.

But trying to identify what you are looking at can be quite difficult for most of us. The Orkney News has an excellent series of articles by Duncan Lunan for Beginners Astronomy. Check them out using our search button.

The Orkney International Science Festival produced this year an excellent online talk by Eric Walker (@AstroHighlander ) on ‘The Orkney Sky At Night’ .

Eric Walker went through a series of images explaining clearly what the viewer could see and how to take those amazing astrophotography pictures that get posted on social media.

At his Conan Bridge Observatory, Eric Walker has also got an All Sky Cam this allows anyone from anywhere to view what it is pointing at in the night sky. It is on 24/7.

This OISF talk is available free to view online via their YouTube channel, which also contains more of this year’s events and those of past years.

And you also have our own astronomy and features about Space in The Orkney News.

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