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‘Unbecoming’ Tours Orkney

A solo work by Anna Porubcansky, Unbecoming is a performance about loss and rage, told by a woman and a mother. Rage, at all we become when we don’t have a choice in our roles as women when society dictates who we should be, and the loss of all the things we haven’t become.

It is a cross disciplinary work told through song, movement and text. Part theatre show, part music gig, Unbecoming is an invitation to a mesmerising private world, a unique and delicate space where pretence slips away.

It is opening at 2 venues in Orkney – Kristin Linklater Voice Centre, Sandwick on 18 Sep and Cromarty Hall and St Margaret’s Hope on 20 Sep

Anna is also holding free Breath-Body-Voice workshops at several venues including both Orkney venues – 19 Sep at Kristin Linklater Voice Centre and 20 Sep at Cromarty Hall. They will focus on the themes of the show and use Anna’s experience to work with participants to bring them back to themselves: their own bodies, their own breath, their own sound. The groups will explore the relationship between memory, song, body, and desire.

Kristin Linklater Voice Centre
Upper Housegarth, Quoyloo, Sandwick, Orkney, KW16 3LY
Sunday 18 September 2022
2pm | £8
Box office: 01856 841239 | www.bit.ly@unbecomingklvc
Workshop: Monday 19 September 2022 | 10.30am-12.30pm
Workshop booking: https://shop.linklatervoice.com/product/unbecoming-workshop/

Cromarty Hall
Cromarty Square, St Margaret’s Hope, Orkney KW17 2TP
Tuesday 20 September 2022
8pm | £10
Box office: 01856 831550 | www.cromartyhall.co.uk
Workshop: Tuesday 20 September 11am-1pm | Workshop booking: 01856 831550

Touring Scotland : 18 September – 8 October 2022.   Boat of Garten, Cairngorms: Fochabers Institute; the Barn, Banchory; Universal Hall, Findorn; Mull Theatre and then closing at Platform, Easterhouse Glasgow on 08 Oct.

Creative team: Created and performed by Anna Porubcansky; Directed by Ewan Downie; Set & Costume Design Ana Ines Jabares-Pita; Original Lighting Design by Alberto Santos Bellido; Tour Lighting Design Joshua Brown.

Rage, at all we become when we don’t have a choice and society dictates who we should be as women. Loss, of all the things we haven’t become along the way.

Genuinely powerful … a captivating portrait of a woman caught in the dissonance of contradictory desires”  The List

Scottish theatre makers Company of Wolves present this cross disciplinary solo work from Anna Porubcansky. Using traditional song, soundscape, myth and movement, Unbecoming is a dreamworld, a rich and sublime space where image, memory, desire and fear all reside. The show watches a woman unravel, layer upon layer stripped away; a human, unmasked. And questions how much of what we are is what we’ve chosen to be?

After an initial small tour in 2018, Unbecoming is heading back out at full strength on a two part rural tour of Scotland. The first part of the tour will take place 18 September – 08 October and the second part in the spring of 2023. As well as the main performances many of the venues are also hosting free Breath-Body-Voice workshops led by Anna and will work with the themes of the show creating a unique and enriching experience for participants.

Anna Porubcansky said of Unbecoming:

“This performance began as an attempt for me to understand my own emotional responses to becoming a mother. Becoming a mother tore every shred of who I thought I was away from me. I got lost in a vortex of conflicting emotion, demands, and responsibilities so much bigger than myself. It made me question who I am as a woman. Who I was as a girl. What I’ve lost and gained along the way. I needed to have all of that taken away in order to start understanding what I was missing.”

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