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Well next week starts my October season, but let’s look to something cute before that… well unless you know anything about Kirby Final bosses, but let’s not go there.

Kirby Super Star is a collection of 8 short Kirby games. Most of these are just short standard Kirby, or what we now think of as Kirby. Many of the designs of Kirby with copy powers first start in this game, namely Kirby’s hats as opposed to maybe just a different colour at most. So, I feel the best way to describe the game is to look into the different subgames each.

At the start 4 games are available. Spring Breeze, Gourmet Race, Dynablade and the Great Cave Offensive. Two more, Revenge of Meta Knight and Milky Way Wishes are unlocked by completing these. There are a few mini games Arena being a boss rush and some little one button party esc games.

Spring Breeze is a recreation of the first Kirby game but slightly shortened (misses the airship boss) however Kirby now has access to his copy abilities. It’s the quickest to play of the main ones and is the best thing to start with (to the point that when you boot up the game it’s what the selection is already at.

Gourmet Race is very much a stand out, not as small as the mini games but practically one itself. It features Kirby racing against King Dedede while gobbling up food. Its main memorable element is the music which would go on to become King Dedede’s main theme. (Want a good version, look up Roar of Dedede). There are few levels and it is even quicker to complete than Spring Breeze.

Dynablade has Kirby face the threat of the large bird Dynablade, featuring a map with a few levels, mini bosses on the map and finally the boss fight against Dynablade.

While these are somewhat short The Great Cave Offensive is far longer. Kirby falls into a deep cave and must go through several long-themed sections being ended with a boss fight while also collecting treasure. This is like a condensed version of what Kirby games often are now. Using a specific power to acquire a treasure through problem-solving.

Mechanically all these games use the same control system so you won’t have to worry about going from one game to another and relearn the controls. Most of these games have the ability to turn a copy power into a companion to help you in the game, if you have multiple people the second person can play as the companion.

The next two games are for story purposes unlocked last. First Meta Knights Revenge sees the introduction of the halberd ship as Metaknight decides to take over Dreamland as its residents are too lazy. The main gimmick of this one is there is a time limit, even on the boss fights and ends with you running for your life as the ship crashes, chased by Metaknight who for the first time shows his wings.

The Final game Milky Way Wishes is rather unique. Rather than just gobbling up enemies to gain copy powers you find them hidden throughout its several planets that you travel to so you can assemble the wish granting machine Nova to wish for the sun and moon to stop fighting. Once you find the copy power you can just select it and use it whenever, switching to which ever you feel is best at the time.

in 2008 an enhanced version of the game Kirby’s Ultra Star Saga was released for the DS. It contains a few bonus features like some CG cutscenes but also a few additional games unlocked after beating Milky Way Wishes.

Revenge of the King is a harder version of Spring Breeze but has the return of the airship boss and the first appearance of Masked Dedede for the end boss.

Meta Knightmare Ultra has you rush though all the normal games as fast as you can as Metaknight and features the first appearance of another recurring post main game boss.

These are the 2 “big ones” but 2 additional arena modes also came with it. Helper To Hero has you go through a boss rush controlling one of the helpers instead of Kirby and finally we see the first appearance of True Arena which has you fight the extra hard versions of bosses leading up to the bonus extra hard version of the final boss exclusive to the mode, which also first started here.

While if you view the Kirby games alone in Super Star Saga it will fall short, combined this becomes a very enjoyable Kirby game. Even the regular version included elements that became staples of the franchise and the DS remake added to that. It’s not hard to find the original as it’s on the Switches SNES console, basically if you have Switch online it’s there for you to play. You would have to find a copy of the DS one which will be a fair bit more difficult however, but if you find it at a reasonable price and have a DS or 3DS I do recommend it.

Rating: spear spear spear spear spear

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