Total #Covid Deaths in Scotland Over 16,000 : Weekly Update

The weekly update from the National Records of Scotland on deaths involving Covid has been published for 10th November 2022.

  • As of 6th November 2022, there have been a total of 16,004 deaths registered in Scotland where the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) was mentioned on the death certificate.
  • In week 44 there were 45 deaths involving COVID-19 (three fewer than the previous week). 
  • The provisional total number of all deaths registered in Scotland in week 44 of 2022 (31st October to 6th November) was 1,268 (152 or 14% above the 5-year average).

Ages of those who died where Covid is mentioned on the death certificate:

Age 45 – 64: 1 death, Male

Age 65 – 74: 9 deaths: 2 Female, 7 Male

Age 75 – 84: 12 deaths: 8 Female, 4 Male

Age 85+ : 23 deaths: 13 Female, 10 Male

There were 1,268 deaths in the week 31st October to 6th November 2022. Of the 45 deaths where Covid was mentioned on the death certificate , Covid was the underlying cause in 22 of them.

The number of excess deaths for that same period was 152 or 14%, taken over a 5 year average.

There were 4 deaths in Care Homes, 1 at Home/Non Institutional Setting, and 40 in Hospital.

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  1. It’s something that bothers me – how it’s getting harder and harder to find the facts re. Covid numbers. As folk stop bothering to test and record the results of tests, the only real indicators are hospital admissions and deaths.
    This particularly bothers me for Orkney as I live here and the day when I can confidently go back among people seems to be retreating further and further away. The majority of the population are acting like Covid has gone away – it hasn’t
    Bernie being a stuck record there – but…..knowing how concerned I am about this, someone sent me the following link which covers much of what folk need to know to be able to assess the situation realistically. This is only for Scotland – still, it’s something in an information desert……..

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