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Orkney Zerowaste Yard & Marilyn Monroe Too

No one comes away from Orkney’s Zerowaste Yard in Stromness without either purchasing something or being inspired to recycling that old bit of wood or container you’ve had lying at the back of the shed for years.

The Orkney News has not been to the Yard since before Covid but a visit there on Saturday did not disappoint.

Completely run by volunteers the yard has a fantastical collection of items people have donated to it. Everything from bric a brac to the actual kitchen sink. And for folk who have been following the ‘Marilyn’ story of Facebook – yes a delighted lady came by on Saturday and bought that.

Geoff and Daniel were on hand at the Yard to help out people seeking that something a wee bit different that they can repurpose for their garden. There are also two containers, one was being patched up due to a leaky roof, that contain a vast array of household-type items, including books.

There’s also one container set up as an office space where the volunteers can assess the items as they come in, make any necessary repairs, process payments and shelter when the weather is too poor to be outdoors.

There are some changes since our last visit. The garden area has developed and there are fewer bicycles – but they are in a better condition.

Orkney Zero Waste Yard is open Saturdays 11am to 3pm located at Garson, Stromness. Take the opening just past the OIC Waste Facility. Click on the Facebook page to checkout the opening times: Orkney Zerowaste

Fiona Grahame

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  1. I’m trying to remember the variety of things we’ve got from what used to be called Steptoze Yard until someone, somewhere dictated that it wasn’t allowed to be called that…..

    A chair which was cleared out of the old Commercial Hotel in Stromness when it was being done up – a bit of Stromness history now in our kitchen.

    An old typewriter – with ribbons – for a friend who refuses to use computers and had been searching of a ‘proper’ typewriter.

    A couple of rose buses – we don’t know what they are – some kind of climbing variety which we planted by a wire fence where they got eaten by sheep, but are now doing OK and we’re waiting to see what they will look like eventually.

    Bits of pallet to make our compost bins… https://theorkneynews.scot/2018/07/20/it-doesnt-have-to-be-big-to-be-a-garden-idea-no-12/

    A big yellow fishing float – I like fishing floats.

    A pair of wellies for Mike – spare wellies are always useful.

    A set of plastic pipettes – he’s never used them, but a scientist can’t resist pipettes.

    We went one time and there were stacks of plastic containers with handles and lids – I told the folk at the Ness and someone went and bought them – cheap. Every penny helps…. https://www.nessofbrodgar.co.uk/donate/

    Orkney Zero Waste is A GOOD THING.

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