Campaigner Urges Scottish Government To Make MRgFUS Treatment Available on the NHS.

A non-invasive and effective treatment which could benefit over 4000 patients currently living with essential tremor is not available from Scotland’s NHS. 

The treatment can also be used to treat a number of conditions and offers the opportunity for further research.  MSPs discussed a petition from Mary Ramsay from Inverness for Magnetic resonance-guided focused ultrasound (MRgFUS) technology to be made available on the NHS.

Mary Ramsay with Highlands and Islands MSP Rhoda Grant

Commenting Mary Ramsay said:

“We have long waiting lists here, folk are waiting to access invasive Deep Brain Stimulation, some are being referred south of the border to receive MRgFUS treatment, at a cost.  It’s madness that the Scottish Government are not seizing the opportunity to provide it on the NHS, a treatment that we have the capability and resources for.

“I am thankful that the Committee continues to consider my petition but it would fantastic if they could push the Scottish Government and National Services Division to come forward with more clarity on the decision making process. 

“In March we have an event in the Scottish Parliament for politicians to come and meet with patients and clinicians.  I hope the Cabinet Secretary for Health will attend to hear, first hand, the massive benefits this can have for people.  Hopefully this will assist them with their decisions making process.  I will continue to campaign for MRgFUS treatment to made available here on the NHS.”

The petition came before the Citizen Participation and Public Petitions Committee of the Scottish Parliament on Wednesday, 8th February.

Rhoda Grant, Highlands and Islands MSP, Labour who is a support of the petition said:

 “I am disappointed that we are no further forward but I hope that this will change in the near future.  I have asked the Committee to write to both the Scottish Government and National Services Division asking for an update. 

“This would be a brilliant opportunity for the NHS in Scotland to roll out a treatment that would not only benefit so many but provide opportunities for world renowned research into many areas.  I hope that the Mr Yusuf will see the light after the event in March and pave the way for more formative and positive action.”

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  1. Another worthwhile cause supported by Rhoda Grant
    It’s just a pity that Rhoda and some others like her are so thirled to the Unionist cause. Even more so now that we clearly see the UK losing so much credibility on so many fronts, while devolved administrations embrace change and wonderful ideas such as this type of treatment

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