Sgathaich: Adventures of Captain Marvel – The Guillotine

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Since this is a serial, I can review each individual episode. Some are their own little episode as part of a larger story, some are much more connected. But they all start the same way, finding out how the cliff-hanger is resolved. As we enter the second episode of this story we thankfully move away from the questionable racism (except for the guy in the turban). Sure, a minute or two to resolve that bit of the plot but then we move back to America and Billy Batson’s radio broadcast which is something the comic had (making the lack of Dr Sivana even more baffling.

Without the rightfully angry indigenous people as the threat, what is it now? the answer, gangsters… like most golden age stuff (super villains took a while coming, it was basically mad scientists and gangsters most of the time). So, the villain “The Scorpion” has also gone to America, with dialogue heavily indicating he was part of the archaeological expedition. So, on one hand it feels a whole lot less problematic but on the other is now more generic.

What does help is Betty, a character from the first half, gets to do stuff now. While she was involved with the expedition, she didn’t do anything until the very end and that was the crash for the cliff-hanger. Now she has to get in a more direct danger as gangsters working for the Scorpion capture her boss and force him to send a letter saying they need to hand over one of the lenses or they will throw him through this needlessly elaborate death trap involving a guillotine (hence the name).

Another improvement in this part is there’s a lot more Captain Marvel in comparison to other stuff. Overall it feels a lot better now even if they have switched out the more interesting setting for a more standard American gangster look.

And so like the first part we end on another cliff-hanger, which is much more clearly edited to hide the obvious solution, still I’ve seen worse where the editing changed details so.. so far I’m enjoying it, still a fun little old Timmy show we just don’t get anymore.. for… several reasons, both good and bad.

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