Sgathaich: Adventures of Captain Marvel: Time Bomb.

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With the second Captain Marvel movie having not done so well, there’s a multitude of reasons but the DC universe getting rebooted soon and Dwayne Johnson preventing Black Adam from appearing in it… it was basically sabotaged. But let’s go once again back to the 40s and the third part of the serial.

First up is the resolution of the previous part, which to the surprise of no one, the guillotine doesn’t harm Captain Marvel (though a wooden chair can knock him out). Much like the second part this episode is named for what is being used for a cliff-hanger rather than the main content of the episode.

title screen Chapter Three Time Bomb written over the image of a scorpion

So what is the main element of this part? Why a thrilling car chase and rescue… well thrilling for 1940s anyway. As Betty gets captured (hope that doesn’t become used too often) so the goons can find from her the code for the safe. This takes up the major part of the episode while the titular Time bomb is once again just used at the very end of the episode and used for the cliff-hanger.

Well I say car chase, naturally the dweebish person chasing them loses causing CAPTAIN MARVEL to have to fly out to save Betty from being gassed to death…. which would have stopped her from telling them the combination… I don’t think these goons thought this out too well.

After all that comes the accidental finding out that the bad guys are planning the time bomb and them all going “oh why won’t Billy pick up” as we see him flying his plane and then explosion. Sadly, this is the last of these serials I currently have access to so will be a while if ever before I see the next one (and no he’s not dead they gave out the name of the next part so there was more)

It’s still very off for me seeing NON Batman super heroes rather than fighting a super villain, facing off against gangsters. I know back at the Golden Age it was much more power fantasy wish fulfilment with these characters. But someone like Captain Marvel who already came with super villains by his creation just facing goons and gangsters still feels off for me.


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