Chocks Away: An Orkney Good Friday, 1949

Once we are into April in Orkney there is a visible difference in the increase in daylight and with it more visitors and activities.

There’s nothing new in this. Back in 1949 the recently formed Orkney Flying Club held a Dinner Dance at the Cosmo Ballroom.

This was not just any dance – this was a Supper Dance – with the vittles being provided by the Atholl Cafe.

You could dance the night away, well till 1 am anyway, to the sounds of the Kirkwall Dance Orchestra and the D. Laughton Band. There would be, as is the custom at any gathering in Orkney, the opportunity to win novelty prizes.

To encourage the female of the species to attend in plentiful numbers, tickets were priced at 5/-, whereas the males had to fork out 6/6.

advert for the chocks away supper dance
Orkney Herald 12th April 1949

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