Walking Orkney: Stromness, Ness to Warbeth

This short easy walk takes you along the beautiful shoreline of Stromness.

the edge of Hoy can just be seen . The tide is very low and the rocks of the shoreline are exposed

Park at the Links Battery viewing area Or if you are doing this walk from the other direction, park at Warbeth. If you are camping at the Stromness site, just walk on round.

display board at Links Battery Stromness overlooking the hills of Hoy and Graemsay

Along this walk you can view (and visit) some of the military installations from both World Wars which protected the entrance into Stromness.

Underfoot the path is hard so this walk can be done in most weathers. You are walking beside the golf course which is popular with golfers. 🏌️‍♀️

If walking from the Links Battery viewpoint be aware that this is a road and used by cars for people wishing to park further up or those visiting the Ness Battery.

The road gets narrower from this point – but surprisingly a car drove down this as I was walking. This route is popular with cyclists but it’s not advisable to take a car down .

the path getting narrower as it follows the edge of the coastline

There are lots of wild flowers to see both on the banks of the shoreline and studded in the stone walls.

a large mound of flowering dandelions in the bay

If you tire or just want to stop to take in the splendid views there is a stone bench.

And further on another.

Both these seats are great places to do a bit of bird watching from.

5 shags sitting on a rock

The path continues to narrow and follows the shape of the coastline taking you onward to Warbeth.

the path quite narrow along the coast with dandelions at the side. Hoy in view

There are public toilets at Warbeth and the cemetery conserves in stone the varied history of the town. The poet George Mackay Brown is also buried here.

You can walk round to the beach at Warbeth and take a circular route around to lead you back to where you started.

a wide sweep of the bay looking back toward the Ness Battery on the raised area. The tide is right out and the rocks of the shoreline are covered in seaweed

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  1. Walked this one December evening, a storm was coming in which was at my back on the return journey. Marvellous.

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