What Makes Scottish Architecture Scottish?

Mousa to Mackintosh is a chronological history of Scottish architecture, from brochs and classical country houses to baronial tower-houses and modernist New Towns. The book includes the work of renowned architects such as Charles Rennie Mackintosh, Robert Adam, Basil Spence, and Robert Lorimer.

Front cover of Mousa to Mackintosh with an image of the broch and overlaid with a typical Mackintosh image

Expertly researched text provides insight into the recurring qualities of Scottish architecture, from prehistory to the building of the Scottish Parliament. It is supported by a stunning selection of photography, including extensive material from the HES archive.

This new book published by Historic Environment Scotland (HES) presents an expansive view of architecture in Scotland. Frank Arneil Walker, an architect and architectural historian, examines the recognisable and recurring features evident in Scotland’s buildings across the centuries to build a picture of ‘Scottishness’ in architecture

Ranald MacInnes, Head of Outreach and Learning at HES, said:

“We are thrilled to publish this outstanding piece of work by the distinguished architectural historian Professor Frank Arneil Walker.

“Mousa to Mackintosh will appeal to new readers as well as those already immersed in Scottish architecture. Drawing a throughline from our unique Scottish brochs to the works of famous architects like Mackintosh is no small feat, but Walker guides the reader with ease and expertise.

“What makes our houses, monuments, and public buildings uniquely Scottish? Walker deftly manoeuvres the relationship between national characteristics and international influences to explore this question in depth, all the while taking the reader on a fascinating journey.”

Mousa to Mackintosh: The Scottishness of Scottish Architecture by Frank Arneil Walker is now available to buy online and in all good bookstores. RRP £30.

Frank Arneil Walker and Ranald MacInnes will be speaking at the Royal Incorporation of Architects in Scotland (RIAS) bookshop in Edinburgh at 6pm on Wednesday 12 July.

the broch entrance with the skies scudded with clouds Stones fallen down around it with the partial walls in viewdoorway to Glasgow School of Art
Midhowe Broch Rousay Image credit Martin Laird. Glasgow School of Art Image credit Bell

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  1. Mackintosh was a great student of the Scottish vernacular tradition. Amazingly
    a notebook sketch of his exists of part of Tankerness House. Why was he in Orkney? No one’s interested! Such a pity

  2. No internet then….my guess he was hoping to see Thomas Lethaby’s Melsetter House….but did he make it to Hoy?

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