Sgathaich: Devil May Cry 5

Bury the light deep within

Cast aside, there’s no coming home

We’re burning chaos in the wind

Drifting in the ocean all alone.

Sgathaich, an old woman with long hair and wearing a crown

Once again thanks to a friend’s PS5 I’m able to play a game I’ve not had the chance to before, but really wanted to. In this case for people wondering about those first 4 lines… Shame on you where have you been? But it’s time to look into Devil May Cry 5 I’ve wanted to talk about this franchise again after my review of 3. But the only other game I’ve owned was 4 on the 360 and I’d need to get that fixed.

After 4, Capcom made one of the many great mistakes of that era of gaming and did a now infamous reboot of Devil May Cry that has gone down in legends like the original design for movie Sonic. But a few years ago, a trailer dropped and proudly proclaimed to rock music that Devil May Cry was back, and it was the classic continuity with being a sequel to 4, Devil May Cry 5.

The game was a hit and when the PS5 was announced a new special edition of the game was revealed proudly showing a character people have wanted to play from when he was revealed in the story of the main game.

opening screen shot from trailer to Devil May Cry 5 with the title and a swirling frondy figure

The story is set after the events of 4 and we’re thrown right into the action. Nero the main protag of 4 has had his arm ripped off and has been contacted by a man named V to take down the demon who did that, who he has called Urizen, Dante already way ahead of them and currently fighting the demon.

Well things go badly, very badly. Tish and Lady are down, Nero loses and Dante assumed dead. The big demonic tree growing starts stabbing the people watching and we jump to a month later and Nero accompanied by Nico, a woman who’s the daughter of a villain from the last game, in a van are driving back into the city to finish the job, Nero now equipped with a series of robot arms.

Often the story will jump back to earlier events such as showing how Nero lost his arm or when V contracted Dante for the job of killing Urizen so the story will unfold as you play with more details like just who V is. There are 3 playable characters in the main game, most of the early game having you play as Nero with a few levels letting you play as V and most of the later ones playing as Dante. Out of the three, V stands out as the most different gameplay wise, for while you can see bleed overs between Nero and Dante, V has his familiars attack with him just having to do the finishing move.

Nero plays very similar to how he played in 4 with the new abilities of his robot arm but has lost his devil trigger. Dante though, once you get him you really feel just how he’s the strongest character thanks to his devil trigger and large amount of different styles and abilities and he’s basically just playing as Dante from DMC3 but with even more toys.

That’s just the normal version though as the special edition… stop reading now if by some reason you missed the most important character in the game coming after all these years. Let’s you play as Vergil complete with his awesome theme song for this game Bury The Light which instantly got memed as it was so good to do so, and unlike a certain Sonic villain who also had an edge lord song, Vergil in this game doesn’t disappoint.

In fact the whole game is about Vergil as he finally comes back alive after dying in the first game and being the main bad guy in the prequel that was the third. He had always loomed over the franchise since the third game but couldn’t really continue his story as he was supposed to be dead. This left a huge shadow after 4 since it was hinted at, he was Nero’s father, something that when the next game after 4 was a reboot and not giving us resolution on the Nero Vergil matter angered people invested ALOT… though not nearly as much as the reboot itself and their terrible terrible version of Dante.

The game has lots of replayablity which is aided by the fact that unlike certain other games I’ve played the later sections don’t just feel like your redoing old content again. The only “boss rush” is with V and against bosses V hadn’t faced himself so you’re fighting them with a very different character. This means that when replaying a second time you aren’t already fed up. What’s more with having unlocked more moves you can really show how much you have improved, even if playing on a higher difficulty as that first boss you died to while still learning, you absolutely tear apart. And that’s assuming your replying with the regular characters and not Vergil, who does get a different final boss rather than just giving the Virgil boss a red coat like in 3.

Definitely this is a game for action slashers to play if you can, and if not, you can still enjoy the music and just what insane things people way better than me can pull off.


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