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OVER THE EDGE: Brush and Paint Beside Trowel and Stone. Jeanne Bouza Rose Exhibition

A unique opportunity to visit a selling exhibition of over 50 new paintings of the Ness of Brodgar excavations.  

a painting displaying the stormy cloudy skies of Orkney with two small standing stones overlooking the loch

The Ness of Brodgar, in the Heart of Neolithic Orkney, continues to be one of the most important archaeological digs in the world today but will be closing as an active excavation in 2024.

An exhibition of works by Jeanne Bouza Rose will open in the Northlight Gallery Stromness on Friday 28th of July and will run until 10th of August.

The Orkney based artist has crafted each piece at the world famous archaeological dig, or its immediate environment, within the UNESCO World Heritage Site at the Heart of Neolithic Orkney.

The artworks in this exhibition are all originals, each piece unique. Many have the earth from the dig added into the paint or have been marked with stones from the site (with permission from Site Director, Nick Card). Others have textures of the ‘plein air’ hazards of wind, rain and shifting earth.

The online gallery is available to view here  Over the Edge: Paint and Brush Between Trowel and Stone at the Ness of Brodgar Excavation, Orkney, Scotland 2018-2022

Although her primary medium is oil, this summer exhibition will also include watercolours and other works on paper.

All work will be for sale, with a wide range of prices for every pocket.

A donation will be made to the Ness of Brodgar Trust and the Peedie Retreat, a local charity initiative, with each purchase.

painting of the remains of a circular building from the Neolithic site

Jeanne Bouza Rose has been one of the artists in residence for the past 5 years, painting alongside the archaeologists.

Internationally renowned, Jeanne has been a key member of a team of volunteers making the excavation possible since 2011. She brings this unique experience and knowledge of the place to her work alongside her own creative energy.

Working en plein air, holding canvas or pad in hand and battling the elements alongside the diggers and archaeologists, Jeanne captures in oils and watercolours the shapes and colours of stones, the incised marks. She even celebrates the archaeologists, hard at work or relaxing. 

In 2022 Jeanne was delighted to be selected to supply high quality prints of recent work to support the ‘World of Stonehenge’ exhibition at the British Museum, London, England.

Sometimes Jeanne will present a cameo of a structure, sometimes the monuments are presented alongside the clouds and lochs of this remarkable historical arena. Her expressionist work is imbued with the sense of Orkney and its archaeological significance between its standing stones, landscapes and current excavations.

Outside the digging season (which is short in Orkney) Jeanne takes regular walks around the Ring of Brodgar and the lochs within the UNESCO World Heritage site enabling her to capture the monuments and the landscape through the seasons.

Jeanne Bouza Rose standing up close to one of the large standing stones at the Ring of Brodgar
Image credit Bell

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