Sgathaich: The Adventures of Captain Marvel – Death Takes the Wheel.

Sgathaich, an old woman with long hair and wearing a crown

Remember how I mentioned last time (Sgathaich: Adventures of Captain Marvel: Time Bomb.) I didn’t know when or if the next part would go up for me to watch? well… it got uploaded shortly after I said that. I’ve just been sitting on it for a bit while I reviewed other things, heck part 5 is available too now.

First up we get the reedited version of the ending of the previous chapter. A considerably more dramatic tense moment that trying to pretend like the guillotine could hurt the bullet proof guy, we know only wooden chairs can hurt him. (Wood was the original Green Lantern, Allan Scott’s weakness, for all we know it might actually be real). So how does Billy escape from the bomb on the plane? Why he notices the wires were cut on the radio, fixes them, gets the warning then transforms into Captain Marvel and escapes.

I have noticed the titles of these chapters are entirely based on the ending cliff-hanger rather than the main content of the episode. Maybe it was something you could hand wave away but this is the 4th episode and its rather clear that’s what’s going on.

title screen of Death Takes the Wheel

The main meat of this episode comes when Tal Chotali comes in with a small scorpion structure he found at Chan Lai’s shop. Fortunately, Lai isn’t played by someone in yellow face but it does fall back on the villainous Asian trope of the days so he’s a villain working for The Scorpion. Billy is knocked out by the gangsters and his mouth covered and shoved in a closet. Meanwhile Betty is captured by the gangsters while chasing up on a different lead which leads into the title as the cliff-hanger of the day is her being knocked out in a car while trying to escape and despite the car still being able to go down a spiral car park, its suddenly driving perfectly straight into a building when things go black and we hear a crashing noise. This part is an improvement over the last as the leads have a bit more urgency and the plot doesn’t seem to randomly throw someone into a death trap in the last few minutes to justify the title. Betty trying to get away in the car was part of what she was doing earlier.

Still, I am still enjoying these old serials, though also still grumbling at the creation of some no name villain rather than the ones in the comics, not that that was unusual, even Batman didn’t use any named villain in their serials.


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