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Orbital Marine Awarded 2 Contracts for Difference for 7.2MW in the UK Allocation Round 5 process.

Orbital Marine has been awarded 2 Contracts for Difference (CfDs) for 7.2MW in the UK Allocation Round 5 (AR5) process. This builds on Orbital’s success in the previous year’s Allocation Round 4, where it secured contracts for 7.2MW of capacity.

two tug boats pulling Orbital marine O2 into position
Orbital O2 arriving in Orkney 2021

The CfDs will allow Orbital to expand its development of projects in Orkney with the construction of 6 turbines now covered by the Contracts for Difference scheme.

Andrew Scott, CEO of Orbital Marine Power, said:

“This latest award creates more clarity for us and our supply chain about our immediate ambitions, allowing us to build on our progress to date. Securing these latest CfDs is another key step on a path that ends with clean predictable power being delivered to thousands of UK households and businesses, alongside building factories of the future and creating sustainable, green jobs at a ratio that hasn’t been achieved in the renewable space before.

“We maintain our commitment to establishing a valuable supply chain within the UK. Maximising the benefits and rewards from this endeavour will take leadership and long-term commitment from the UK Government.”

Capable of delivering a total of 7.2MW of predictable clean energy to the grid, these additional turbines will be able to power to up to 9000 homes, supporting the UK’s security of supply, energy transition and broader climate change objectives.

This positive outcome also means Orbital can make a significant investment in the UK supply chain as it sets about establishing series production of its innovative technology.

The Orbital Marine O2 in position

The O2 has been operational since July 2021 and exporting electricity to Orkney grid is expected to offset around 2,000 tonnes of CO2 per year, and power 1,700 UK homes while creating high value jobs within the local economy over the course of its operational life.

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