Orkney Folk Protest Against Trump’s Racism

Reporter: Fiona Grahame


Kirkwall Protest Against Trump Muslim Ban (K. Armet)

Over 120 people stood on the steps of St Magnus Cathedral, Kirkwall  on Monday night to show their anger at President Donald Trump’s Muslim ban. The event, organised the day before by local man George Vickers through a Face Book page brought together people of all ages.

In Stromness people  gathered around the statue to the famous Arctic explorer John Rae and events were held on some of the other islands of Orkney.


photo A. Laird

At 6pm across Orkney, Scotland and throughout the world people joined together to stand up against Trump’s racism.

Local man,George Vickers, had decided to organise the protest having watched with growing unease the news of the past 2 weeks.  After President Trump signed the order banning all refugees and Muslims from 7 countries from entering the US ,George thought ,” what would it be like waiting for someone coming into Kirkwall airport, only for them not to arrive.”

With less than 24 hours to organise the demonstration George said the amazing turnout was a very positive message from Orkney.

Mr Vickers sentiments were shared by all those present. Helen, concerned about the rise in right wing bigotry, hatred and prejudice around the world  said  that “Orkney was part of the world and even small communities care.”


photo A.Laird

Zoe, who had grown up with Muslim friends commented “what Trump is doing is horrible”.

Hayley Green who had organised the event with George Vickers said that the turnout was phenomenal.

Many in the crowd carried home made banners and candles. Some came forward to speak to the crowd about why it was important for them to be there. Singing ‘we shall overcome’ the crowd slowly dispersed all, however, resolved to continue to resist Trump’s racist policies.

People in Orkney will be able to keep in contact with the organisers through a Face Book page.

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