Eating Out in Orkney: The Peedie Chippie

The Orkney News is featuring Orkney’s Mobile caterers over the next few weeks. This week it is the turn of The Peedie Chippie.

Peedie Chippie 2

Peedie Chippie (N Morrison)

It operates from the Finstown carpark on Friday evening from 16.00 and from Stromness Pierhead on Saturday from 16.00.

The local standard practice appeared to be to collect from the chippie and take it home. We sat at the tables on the green.

Lesley Drever has been doing this for 25 years. His daughter and granddaughter serve the customers and he does the cooking. So a real family business.

He has patiently built up a cadre of regulars as can be seen from the photos. It was a cool blustery evening but that seemed to have little effect on the queues. We sampled the standard fish and chips, scampi, polony and pattie. All were excellent and of generous portions.

I was glad I ordered a  fish and “small” chips!

Reporter: Nick Morrison

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    Friday night is chippy-tea night –
    Here’s what I said in my nomination……………

    “THE PEEDIE CHIPPY. I don’t know how they do it – the food is delicious, and big portions, too. And they are there, come rain or shine, Friday evening in the Finstown car park. Friday is chippy tea night in our house, from the Peedie Chippy. Mike says “Best fish supper in Orkney.” And you can quote him on that.
    I’ll say it again, in capitals – it would be neon if I could – THE PEEDIE CHIPPY!!!”

    I hope they haven’t changed it – that would shake our routine up a bit!

    • Thank you Bernie we changed it as soon as all our alert readers brought it to our attention.

  2. Hi all my name is Bill and I have spoken to the daughter of the owner of the chippie. She works in South Wales where the weather is better but the fish and chips are inferior.

  3. The Peedie Chippy have been using cardboard containers for the main food ( therefore re-cycle-able or biodegradable) and strong paper for the mushy peas container, therefore biodegradable, for a long time. We noticed on Friday, that the ‘plastic’ bag they put it all in, is biodegradable, too. So, they not only serve delicious food, at an incredibly low price for what you get, also – all their containers, are re-cycle-able, or bio-degradable! They deserve a medal.

  4. Up from Edinburgh for motorbike tour of Orkney , staying at Stromness , saw Peedie van & had the best fish I’ve ever tasted bar none !

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