Veterans Breakfast 25th November 2017

Once again a good turn out (considering the weather 🌨🌬) for the last Saturday of each month at Eat ‘n’ Treats for the Veterans  breakfast. The staff are very welcoming and the food is great. The banter around the table is of old and new memories shared. It’s good to remember and be reminded of great times and great mates. We discussed many things and this week the passing of the last known female Spitfire pilot, Joy Lofthouse aged 94.

Joy and her sister Yvonne MacDonald were among 164 women allowed into the A.T.A. (Air Transport Auxiliary ). They flew Spitfires and Hurricanes straight from the factories to the WW2 airfields throughout Britain. They were also trained to fly many other types of aircraft. The ladies were nicknamed the “Attagirls”. We will remember them and thank them all dearly.

Veterans 1

By K. Armet

Dressing from the left around the table today were: Brian, Moira, Kenny, Carl, Nick, Eddy and Ken.

If you wish to pop in next month Saturday 30th December 2017 and share your or family memories with us, you will be most welcome.

Reported by Kenny Armet.

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