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mural coopHave you ever wondered where the 5p goes if you have to purchase a plastic bag at one of the Co-op shops in Orkney?

The 5p and 1% of everything a customer spends goes into a Community Development Fund. This money is used for local groups to support the work they do.

Stromness is looking that little bit more colourful with the installation of a mural – a collaborative project between the Stromness Museum, Stromness Primary 7 and with £6,000 from the Co-op Community Development Fund.

mural full thing

The mural features the iconic side-on houses along the Stromness front and is a follow up  to the Per Mare project which celebrated in 2017 200 years of the town becoming a Burgh of Barony.

The mural can be found just past the roundabout outside Stromness Primary school so that visitors and locals alike can see it.

If you look closely you will see names on the houses and local residents will no doubt be able to identify their own home and the local churches.

 Janette Park, Curator at Stromness Museum,said:

“The P7 class had a lot of involvement in last years Per Mare celebrations and so we felt it fitting that they take a lead on the mural.

“Alongside our museum staff, the pupils took a walk around the main street in Stromness. They were encouraged to look at Stromness in a new way and consider the particular features and characteristics that make it such a special place to live.

“In the current days of Instagram and other social media platforms, the photos they are taking of their hometown are here one day and gone the next – with this mural they have created something long lasting which the town can enjoy for years to come.”

Neil McIntosh Head Teacher at Stromness Primary School, said:

“Our pupils played a huge part in the Per Mare celebrations last year learning a great deal about their hometown and its incredible history. The current partnership with the Stromness Museum allows us to delve into this.

“We’re delighted with the mural and looking forward to more work with the museum in the next school year.”

mural class

The installation of the mural was undertaken by Andrew Sinclair Ltd for no charge.

A large crowd gathered to celebrate the official unveiling of the mural. Stromness has acquired a beautiful addition to its town.

Pictured are staff from the Co-op. Andrew Sinclair Ltd and Stromness Museum were also present.

Short video of the speeches

 Reporter: Fiona Grahame

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