Instrument Bank Opens at ‘The Reel’

By Nick Morrison

The REEL” in Kirkwall has opened an instrument bank.

The concept of this “Bank” is to loan out an instrument for free for 3 months so folk of all ages can try it to see if it suits them.

It really is of all ages. In one studio young teens were trying drums and guitars whilst in the next studio was a ukulele class of more senior folk.

Ukulele at the reel N Morrions

The Bank is unique in this country. The only other one known to exist is in Canada. They currently have over 50 instruments.

I have known and visited The Reel several times over the years and never realised just how big it was. It runs to 3 floors with a truly magnificent staircase.

staircase at The Rell N Morrison

As part of their activities they have a “slow” session on Monday evenings where the tutor takes the students through a piece in slow time. This apparently takes place downstairs in the cafe/bar with members of the public listening.

So will check that out for you this Monday!

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