UNITE Craft Workers Recommended to Accept COSLA Pay Offer

unite the unionIt seems likely that local Authority joiners, labourers, painters and electricians who are members of Unite the union will  accept the latest COSLA pay offer.

The craft agreement is a separate proposal from the wider local authority offer.

COSLA’s current offer is 3.5 %(2018), 3% (2019) and 3%(2020).

The consultative ballot on the COSLA offer will commence on Monday, 21 January and close on Monday, 4 February.

John Gillespie, Chair of Unite Scotland’s Construction Committee, said:

“Unite’s craft representatives in local government have on balance recommended acceptance of the COSLA offer.

“Although the offer doesn’t go far enough to make up for the years of austerity over the last decade, there is a recognition that there has been movement by COSLA to address a number of key concerns covering craft workers.

“Ultimately, this is now in the hands of our craft members who will make a democratic decision to either accept or reject the COSLA offer.

“Whatever decision that may be, Unite’s craft membership will have the full support of the union.”

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